Approach and Philosophy

Our Approach
HWI sponsors middle market companies with extraordinary value creation possibilities. We work with business owners to successfully transition their companies while continuing stability and growth.  HWI’s approach is to create proprietary deal flow from connections to the business community. This connection to the business community helps create and close deals that may not exist otherwise.

We value the advice that comes from this community and believe that it is a key component in the successful management of our acquired companies. This advice effectively augments the professional frameworks and perspectives of our company managers, as they create value through the use of world-class fact-based methods of business improvement.

Business Owner Advantages
Transition: HWI offers the experience to create a smooth transition of ownership and to guide the company to continued and enhanced growth.

Financial Liquidity: We offer flexible terms and an understanding of owner sensitivities around value transfer and estate issues.
Stake in the Company’s Success: HWI brings the skills to position the company for rapid growth and appreciates the value of flexible working arrangements.

Our Philosophy
We believe that sustainable shareholder value can be created by enhancing viable business models using the collective business experience of our advisors and our investors. Our collaborative approach enhances the current operations of an acquisition and many times will create new possibilities for long-term value.

We make good businesses better
Even great businesses can be enhanced. We expect to add value by leveraging our experience and capital in specific areas such as strategy, business process, information technology and change leadership.

We believe that many middle market companies’ earnings can be expanded rapidly with re-focused operations, enhanced strategic directions and new customer partnerships gained through HWI Partners’ relationships and contacts. This, coupled with the use of leverage, product enhancements and increased focus on the customer, can unlock significant value.

Business Process Leadership and Technology Enhancement
Middle market companies, even very profitable ones, can benefit from operational improvements. We will assess and implement business process changes enabled by rethinking key activities and technology.

Change Leadership
Our experience in leading profitable change will help our companies realize enhanced performance sooner and open new possibilities for the future.

Attention to technology and detail can enhance value. Our team’s objective view, management methodologies and technology frameworks will shed light on enhancements not available otherwise.